Wheel-Rim Tables And Loaded Nachos

Say hello to Willy's Top Cafe, the city's first cafe themed after a jeep.


Inside the Willy's top cafe at Jayanagar. Shreya/NSoJ

Shreya Rai


Willy’s - the name that rules the jeep world. The war machine built to be a perfect workhorse for the veterans. Willy’s Top Cafe in Bangalore is one of the jeep-themed cafes in India. It has detailed its decor to the pin, from the swing chairs to the wash basin.

The cafe has interesting decor, with food. The Willy’s table tops are interestingly made of bolts, nuts, gears, chains, and other motor gear. The tap is themed with a steering-wheel design on top of it. To add to the jeep-themed decor, the cafe has a 3-D poster of the jeep. The table seats and, for that matter even the hanging seats are all inspired by Willy’s Jeep.

One repeated theme apart from the obvious is that the furniture is all made with up- cycled junk. It’s the decor and chilled-out feel that we really like, but nonetheless, the cafe does serve up some interesting options. Apart from the detailed decor, the cafe also has lip-smacking food to look forward to. Their crispy french fries to loaded nachos, everything is perfectly balanced in taste and is a must try. The cafe’s menu ranges from soups to salads to pizzas. For all the egg lovers, Willy’s Top Cafe has a whole section of the menu dedicated to eggs. Also, while you are there, do try their cottage cheese, Tortilla Wraps, because a little bit of Mexican wouldn’t hurt anybody.

The cafe also serves the great variety of mojitos which gives you the feeling of freshness. The menu is not the most widespread one, but you still get plenty of choice to pick from.

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