NSoJ: Covid-19 Preparedness 2021-22

June 2020 Update

Our response so far

Since March 2020, National School of Journalism and Public Discourse (NSoJ) has conducted more than 250 hours of online interactions (all virtual teaching classwork, assignments, assessments and seminars occur within our secure G-Suite for Education platform by Google with a designated account for each student). We were able to follow our regular daily timetable throughout the lockdown. We have also organized several virtual talks and symposiums featuring global and national thought leaders during this period. Our students and faculty have worked to keep our news website and social media platforms buzzing. In June, we launched The NSoJ Tannoy Podcast, a weekly podcast. We believe that this is the most productive that any college in India has been during the lockdown period.

Notwithstanding the economic situation as a result of the ongoing pandemic, we have kept our commitments to our students, faculty, staff, infrastructure providers and vendors. We have increased the number of scholarships provided during this period. More than 40% of our undergraduate students received scholarships based on their performance, commitment to college activities, financial need and diligence. We are proud to announce that we have not reduced salaries or terminated employment of anyone during the lockdown period. On the contrary, we have been able to strengthen all our departments in anticipation of a rigorous academic year ahead.

The way forward

As we prepare to welcome our BA and PGDJ students for the new academic year, the management and faculty have designed guidelines to create utmost safety for everyone at NSoJ, including students, staff and faculty members while maintaining academic and professional training of the highest order.

Please note: The  guidelines above may be subject to change in accordance with applicable Government and University notifications.