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Say YES to the Black Wedding Dress


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Imagine walking down the aisle with your father's hand in yours, your heart racing with emotions and excitement as you see the venue decked out in tulle and tulip flowers, and your partner waiting at the altar, exchanging vows and walking back down the aisle for the last time. Yes, it is one of the loveliest experiences in the world, and it is hence every woman's dream. Now, when it comes to weddings, a bridal gown is quite important since it makes the bride feel special on her big day. “A wedding gown represents far more than just a dress. It is also the embodiment of a dream” says Vera Wang, a popular fashion designer. It is said that a bride's wedding gown displays both her personality and her sense of style. Brides have worn traditional white wedding gowns throughout history, but today, black wedding gowns are all the rage.


The tradition of white gowns dates back to the Roman Republic's early days when brides donned white tunics. The colour represents a woman's chastity and her transition from a single Roman matron to a married Roman matron. Vesta, the virgin goddess of hearth, home, and family who was served by temple priestesses dressed in unique white robes, was also associated with it. White was not the only colour considered for bridal gowns in the past. Wedding gowns in Western countries have been a rainbow of hues for millennia. Brides tend to purchase a wedding gown that could be worn again or just donned their best dress. The nuptials of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert sparked the modern trend in white bridal wear. Since then the style and the colour of her gown were imitated throughout continents as women aspired to look like the young, attractive queen. Wearing a white wedding gown became a symbol of wealth and position rather than an indication of chastity.

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All women agree that black clothing has undeniable power and is very exquisite and trendy. But when it comes to tradition, they also believe the colour black is a little eerie and is more of a funeral costume hence, brides stay away from it. “People prefer traditional cream or white gowns because they are compelled to or to avoid negative opinions from others. But, in the end, the bride gets to choose her wedding gown. The couple's viewpoint is important, therefore whether it's white, black, red, or any other colour, if you and your spouse choose to wear it, you wear it", says Merlin Maria, a student of Mount Carmel College, Bangalore. American actress Sarah Jessica Parker, was the first to wear a black wedding gown when she married Matthew Broderick in 1997. She isn't the only one who has eschewed the conventional white ball gown in favour of a black gown to express her personality on what many believe to be one of life's most important occasions. Instagram personality Madison Alexandra, walked down the aisle in a black bridal gown that she had dreamt of wearing ever since she was a child and set the trend in 2021. Previously, Christine Quinn, star of the TV show, “Selling Sunset” donned a noir-coloured tone for her 2020 wedding ceremony.

Since it is the start of a wedding trend, brides face difficulties in locating the appropriate black wedding gown. Many international brands and boutiques are introducing black wedding gowns into their collections. Black wedding gowns have been included in the collections of international brands such as David's Bridal, Galia Lahav, Maggie Sottero Zander, and Markarian, while Honor and Monique Lhuillier have added black accents to their conventional white gowns, such as ribbons and designs. Sophie Et Voilà, a Spanish bridal gown manufacturer, recently debuted their "Black Label" line, which included five black gowns.

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Since the advent of the Coronavirus pandemic, couples have tried various stereotype-defying experiments with ceremonial and traditional practices. Thanks to social media and influencers all over the world, people are coming up with a variety of wedding themes and a radical transformation in wedding clothing ideas every year. On the day of their wedding, brides have tried workwear too, to celebrate their big day more uniquely. Day by day trends keep changing and yet it’s difficult to catch up with trends. Brides, whether in black, white, red or any other colour, always look stunning on their wedding day with the wedding glow on their skin. There are no good or bad colours in this world; what matters is how each individual perceives them. As the saying goes “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.”

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