The 29 Photographs of an Artist - IT to ISO

A solo show of photographs by Hemant Kumar at Museum of Art


The photographs taken by Hemant Kumar displayed at the Museum of Art (MKF)

By Sreemayi.S.R. And S.Tejas

Bangalore: “I look with an eye for a photograph in everything that I see!”,says Mr.Hemant Kumar, an artist-cum-IT professional who completed his masters in fine arts from Bangalore University, and follows his passion for photography. 

Mr. Kumar has 20 years of experience in photography but,this is the first time he is exhibiting his work at Manjushree Khaitan Foundation from February 29 to March 17 at (MKF) - Museum of Art,at Lavelle Road, Bangalore.

Excerpts from an exclusive interview:

Q: After 20 years, what made you exhibit your photograph? 

A:“It was never a planned one. I am doing this only because people who are close to me asked me to exhibit my work.”

Q: Apart from photography do you have any other passion? 

A:“I do sketching. I enjoy photography more than sitting in an office,because we human beings are explorers. By the way I am not interested in clicking pictures of people because, it is common.” 

Photographer Mr.Hemant Kumar

Q: Why wildlife photography?

A:“Wildlife photography is about capturing a moment on split second, when the animal behaviour and sunlight come together to create an image. This sounds easy but it is not. 

There is a lot to know about different species, how they breed, how they survive, where they all come from and soon.”

Q : What was your inspiration behind photography?

A:“Capturing my subject’s true nature and producing that as an image. Nothing inspires me more than that. I feel it is me being myself when I click.”

As he is a bird-watcher, most of his pictures were of birds. One of the interesting pictures was of a nearly extinct ‘Blue-tailed bee-eater’ which is a sociable bird. Which nest colonially in sandy banks or on open flat areas.

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