Suchana’s neighbours ‘shocked’ that she is accused of murdering her son

“She was a single mother and seemed dedicated to her son”


Isha R Gopalan

Suchana Seth, seemed like a normal, sensitive, strong mother to us, say her neighbours who interacted with her regularly when she was residing at the Unishire Terraza apartment complex in Thanisandra, Bengaluru. Seth, CEO of an Artificial Intelligence startup has been making headlines recently for allegedly murdering her four-year old son in Goa. Marital discord and a bitter custody battle seemed to have driven her to commit this shocking murder most foul.

In exclusive conversations with this reporter, strictly on the condition of absolute anonymity, Seth’s neighbours describe her as a regular, feisty, modern woman who stood up for her rights when required. In fact most of them said they couldn’t believe it when they first heard the news of her being accused of murdering her only son.

One resident told this reporter, “I have spoken to Suchana a couple of times and even interacted with her son, but nothing ever seemed abnormal about them. Her son was quiet and not as playful for his age, but that could just be his temperament.” She added, “Suchana was a single mother who was hard working and at the same time absolutely dedicated to her son. She did have a bad temper though.”

Another resident told this reporter, “Seth was an active and vocal resident of Unishire Terezza, who was social and cordial with her fellow residents and did not hesitate to voice her opinions and demands. She and her son moved out of their 3 BHK apartment in Unishire Terraza in May 2023 as a result of a disagreement with her landlord,” She added, “Suchana had informed us about the issues she had with her landlord and also sought help and in that regard there were some unpleasant exchanges, but prior to that she was on good terms with most of her neighbours,” she added.

Another resident who was familiar with Suchana and her son told this reporter, “Whenever there was an issue with the maintenance of the apartment, Suchana was one of the first to report it, especially to the Unishire Terraza residents’ group, she always fought for the amenities she deserved as a resident, especially the ones to do with the safety of her son.”

The same resident said, “Suchana had asked her landlord that grills and a CCTV camera should be installed in her apartment for the safety of her four year old son.”

Another resident told this reporter, “As soon as her son came back from play school at 4pm, she would feed him and bring him down to play sharp at 5 pm. There were times when I used to delay bringing my daughter to the play area, but she was always there on time.”

“Suchana’s work schedule revolved around the needs of her son, she only continued with her work after she put her son to bed at 9 pm,” said the resident.

Screenshots from the Unishire Terraza residents’ group

Another resident said that Suchana always seemed to have a problem with her maids and this also caused her to have rage attacks. “She had anger issues, especially when it came to her maids. So much so that she brought a dishwasher so she wouldn’t have to rely on a maid.”

Even though Suchana was known to be friendly and social, her extreme outbursts were also observed by her fellow residents. “When I visited her flat once, it was obvious that she liked her house neat and organized. None of the maids could satisfy her needs and she also believed that they should get an off only once a month and not twice,” said the resident.

The same resident also told the reporter that it was when she visited Suchana’s home that she got to know that she is a single mother. On being asked whether she is a widow or a divorcee, she only mentioned that she is a divorcee without delving into further details.

Suchana’s residence in Unishire Terraza. Credits - Isha R Gopalan

News reports say that Suchana’s estranged husband, Venkatraman PR has told the Goa police on January 13, 2024 that following a family court’s order allowing him visitation rights in November 2023, he had met his son at least twice, but for the past five Sundays, his wife had not been allowing the child to meet his father.

Earlier this week on Friday according to news reports, Suchana was taken to the Goa apartment where she was staying with her son for recreating the crime scene. Suchana has not admitted to having murdered her son and stuck to her version that she found him dead in the morning. She has not yet given any satisfactory answer as to why she hid the body in the suitcase.

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