A sigh of relief

The world applauded the sheer willpower of the stranded personnel and the rescue workers.


All 41 workers trapped since November 12 were rescued | Credit - PTI

By Sweety Mohanta and Sai Abhiram P.Y.

After being confined within the Silkyari tunnel in Uttarakhand since November 12, all forty-one workmen were successfully rescued today. Chief Minister of Uttarakhand Pushkar Singh Dhami and Union Minister VK Singh were at the entrance of the tunnel to receive the brave men who were rescued by experts in rat hole mining.

Equipped with wheeled stretchers, the ensnared labourers were extricated via a 57-metre steel conduit. According to Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, all were in high spirits despite their long ordeal. "All of them were healthy. They crawled out of the passage rather than being carried out on stretchers,” Mr. Dhami informed reporters. He stated that before being taken to their homes, the workmen, who were stranded for 17 days would be kept under medical surveillance..

The rescued workers get a warm welcome outside the tunnel | Credits - PTI

Concerns about the workers' capacity to negotiate the two-and-a-half-foot diameter pipelines were dismissed by rescue officials, who emphasized their past expertise working in 2-foot pipes. Each worker was outfitted with a helmet, a suit, a mask, and special eyeglasses to ensure their safety.

The manual drilling method involved a team of 24 seasoned "rat-hole mining" professionals who constructed a tiny tunnel toward the stranded personnel. This time-consuming process entailed clearing debris and establishing a safe path for the rescue operation. Right after the rescue, the workers were transferred to the Chinyalisaur community health clinic for initial medical care on Tuesday evening. They will be discharged after a thorough medical examination.

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