Not so Creepy or Spooky, The Addams Family

The Addams are a tight-knit family who have their differences but clearly care about one another. The movie is about how this grotesque family is forced to live among "normal" families in the outside world.


What happens when the Addams family meets "normal" families in the outside world?

Roshini Muthukumar

Rating: 3/5

'How do you define normal', this has always been the biggest question in the hearts of the Addams Family.  The movie begins with Gomez (Oscar Issac) and Morticia (Charlize Theron), two newlyweds, being chased from the country by the local people for their ghoulish lifestyle.

While leaving town to New Jersey, in search of a suitable place to live, the couple stumble upon an asylum on a hill. They walk in looking for a place to rest at night but realize the building has no doctors or patients. Instantly, they share a look, and fall in love with the old furniture, worn- down walls, dusty carpets, and the house spirit. "It's ghoulish, it's spooky, it's home" they say in synchrony.

The plot then focuses on the life of 'The Addam's' children. While Pugsley, the younger son, is forced to learn what he doesn't like; Wednesday (Chloe Grace Moretz), the oldest daughter, is unhappy with the family's depressing lifestyle. Like any other animated movie this one is also about parents trying to connect with their children without losing family values.

After 13 years of living the same lifestyle, the goths are introduced to the new world. While some choose to embrace it, others choose to deny it. Directors Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon show an extraordinary contrast between the two worlds with interesting plot twists in the story. "Growing up watching the Addams Family in the 90's, I was excited to see what the reboot had in store. While the movie has a few hit and misses, it still manages to be a horrifyingly good horror comedy," said Shreenit, a content writer who has been following the series.

Despite the predictable plot and average animation, other messages the movie conveyed were about individuality, living authentically, and a strong message about acceptance.  The underlying subplot is that there is no right or wrong way to live life, and that normal is a debatable word. On the downside, the movie lacked something fresh, something mysterious, and plenty of spookiness. Though it has familiar themes, it is fun for first-timers, and younger generations.

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