Not plastic, but quite fantastic!

This makes you laugh hysterically while bringing about the imperfections of society and celebrating gender equality.


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Hassya Pawar

“Hi Barbie '', Don't tell us that you haven't heard these words in the theaters that have recently turned pink. Margot Robbie starrer Barbie was the much anticipated movie of 2023 and received a great response in India. It's a movie that gets you all nostalgic and yet brings about something new. They say a good movie is one that entertains, intrigues and is thought provoking and Director Greta Gerwig's Barbie does all that and much more. Brilliant performances, sharp costumes, vibrant color scheme, the peppy songs and, of course, the spectacular writing (Take a bow Gerwig and Noah Baumbach), this 2 hour movie offers it all. Living in her pink Barbie land, our stereotypical Barbie (Margot Robbie) is living her perfect life hanging out with her other Barbie friends and smiling at her boyfriend Ken (Rayn Gosling), giving his life a meaning; enjoying every single day, even Wednesday as she claims. Until one day, when she wakes up to her heels touching the ground, burnt waffles and cellulite. Being clueless about the reason for these sudden changes, Barbie's friends ask her to visit Weird Barbie (Kate McKinno).

Weird Barbie, yet another amazing character that takes you back to your childhood and makes you laugh and at the same time regret playing a little too hard with the Barbie dolls, turning them weird and ugly. She suggests Barbie go to the real world and find the child who is playing with her, as that kid's emotions may be affecting Barbie's life. This leads Barbie to take a trip to the real world with no one else but Ken by her side. Thinking that the people in the real world would appreciate her for empowering women and solving issues of feminism. This trip to the real world turns out to be a journey of discovery, that Barbie might have not solved all the issues of feminism. While oddly surprised at the power men hold in the real world, Ken finds out a new term ‘patriarchy’. And then starts the chaotic laugh riot with a pinch of truth that makes you think about the world around you.

Revealing any more of the story would definitely be a huge spoiler. But their journey in the real world shatters her naive view that Barbie had solved all the issues of feminism in the world. This movie is quite outside the box. But the way the makers have dealt with topics like patriarchy, sex, feminism in a rib-tickling manner takes the movie a notch above. The portrayal of feminism in Barbie land and the real world, Ken’s take on patriarchy and women empowerment is bizarre and yet hard hitting.

Everyone knows Barbie and everything is about Barbie, but what about her counterpart, Ken? Well, they say “he’s just Ken”. But the most interesting scenes in the movie are from Ken's point of view. The way Gerwig addressed the issues of consumerism, feminism, toxic masculinity through dialogues that were hilarious, poignant and at times irrelevant but still relevant was the standout part of the film. Gerwig’s take on ‘Men vs Women’ as ‘Ken vs Barbie’ describes modern day society, its hypocrisy and dual standards. ,

The movie talks about issues that need to be addressed in today's world and it's important for it to be addressed normally as it will help children in their lives and, what's better, their comfort with Barbie telling them about it.

Apart from Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie, America Ferrera steals the show with her great performance and oh, how can we forget the cute appearances made by Dua Lipa and John Cena. The music, cinematography, set design,graphics and the brilliant script makes all of us fall in love with Barbie all over again.

Director Gerwig's pink ode to embracing imperfections in the plastic world that hounded you to be perfect will be remembered as one of the important pop culture events in cinematic history.

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