Lilting words, soothing rhythms

Magical poetry meets melody


Credit: Book my show

Utkarsha Gandhe

Mehfil-e-Ishq, an enchanting blend of acoustic, contemporary, soul, and Sufi melodies, unfolded at Lahe Lahe, recently. Led by vocalist Aanchal Shrivastava and poet Divya Batra Das, this musical soirée transcended boundaries, resonating with attendees at a profound level.

Picture credit: Utkarsha Gandhe

The rhythmic beats of Vidhit Arora's tabla, harmonium melodies by Shreyas Vishwaroop, and the tuneful strums of Dheeraj Banerjea on guitar and ukulele created an atmosphere of collective joy. Attendees, rhythmically waving turned the evening into a participative celebration.

The fusion of Urdu and Hindi poetry, elegantly interpreted through music, captivated the audience. Mehfil-e-Ishq, despite its recent inception, has received widespread acclaim and actively engages its audience on Instagram, promising more soulful evenings in the future.

The performance concluded with an original composition, featuring poignant lines reflecting an evening cherished by Divya, where she further adds that “Ishq” meaning “love” is something that one can never get past.

"Knackered, in pain, half my body's sore, yet still in euphoria," expressed Vidhit, encapsulating the paradox of his immersive musical experience. The juxtaposition of pain and euphoria, as articulated by Vidhit himself, became a metaphor for the entire Mehfil-e-Ishq experience, the echoes of which will linger with the audience.

In the words of an attendee, "Ek sham Mehfil-e-Ishq ke naam," encapsulating the essence of the evening. Divya and Aanchal addressed the audience, encouraging them to carry the spirit of Mehfil-e-Ishq beyond that night and find love in life's little moments.

Mehfil-e-Ishq continues to be a beacon for those seeking a unique musical experience, offering soulful evenings and maintaining a pulsating online presence. Follow their Instagram handle for updates and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Mehfil-e-Ishq.

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