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SOURCE: Rahimullah Yousafzai/Associated Press OSAMA BIN LADEN IN AFGHANISTAN, 1998.

Animesh Kaushik

Social media platforms have been abuzz with a letter purportedly written by Osama Bin Laden, probably the most “notorious terrorist” of all time. Netizens are sympathizing with Laden and his views as his letter highlights the “injustice and exploitation” committed by the USA against Islamic regions. More light was shed on this after The Guardian deleted the article as it went viral with netizens comparing it with the ongoing Israel -Gaza conflict.

In a recently circulated letter which is actually over two decades old attributed to Osama Bin Laden, the mastermind behind the September 11, 2001 attacks, he outlines the motivations and justifications for the ongoing conflict between Islamic extremists and the United States. The letter, originally posted on the internet in Arabic and later translated, sheds light on the perceived injustices committed by the U.S. against the Muslim world.

Bin Laden's letter, dated November 24, 2002, begins by quoting verses from the Quran [Quran 22:39] and [Quran 4:76], asserting that Muslims are granted permission to fight against those who have wronged them and against the ambassadors of Satan or the Devil itself. The central theme of the letter revolves around two key questions posed to Americans: Why is there opposition, and what do the extremists want?

The letter accuses the U.S. of attacking Muslim nations for decades, citing historical grievances such as the creation and support of Israel, military interventions in Palestine calling the creation of Israel one of “The Greatest Crimes'' and how anyone who questions the right of the Jews on Palestine is labeled Anti-Semitic, going on to talk about how Muslims are the actual successors of Moses and the Arabs being the actual Semites. Then he talks about the American attacks on Somalia, the atrocities committed by the Russians in Chechnya, and the conflicts in Lebanon and Kashmir.

This letter also gives the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict a new outlook especially to the USA and the western nations, the leaders of which have been in support of Israel.

Here’s a link to the original text that used to be on The Guardian’s online portal (archive.today)-

Full text: bin Laden's 'letter to America' | World news | The Guardian (archive.ph)

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