Krishnanagar: The Political Cauldron

Krishnanagar: The Political Cauldron


Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra

Sangshaptak Mahato

Mahua Moitra's confident campaign in Krishnanagar Lok Sabha constituency stood out, while Amrita (Ranima) Roy, facing challenges and confusion, persisted in her efforts across various locations, highlighting the intensity and determination in the political arena. As the political landscape in India continues to evolve, the constituencies of Krishnanagar and Mahua Moitra have emerged as focal points of attention in recent polling news.

Mahua Moitra personified confidence as she started off her day from the first hour of polling, breezing from one polling booth to another across the Krishnanagar Lok Sabha constituency, in a video from ANI. All through, she maintained her prediction-a victory by over 1-lakh margin and a certain return to the Parliament. In stark contrast to Mahua Moitra's confident stride, an air of intrigue envelops the campaign of her rival, “Ranima”, as she defiantly continues her battle even beyond the designated poll hours.

She staged sit-in protests outside three police stations in three corners of the vast constituency. "Politics is not my cup of tea,” said Roy in an interview with The Times of India.

Moitra left her Krishnanagar Town home, Shivalaya, at 7:15 am and headed to Jhitkipota Junior Buniadi Vidyalaya to attend a call of EVM malfunction. In the next half-an-hour, she visited one booth to another, several kilometres apart, before stopping at Dignagar High School for a breather. "The PM visited here twice, Amit Shah came here and so did other BJP ‘netas’. Even CBI officers visited my home. The visits from all these high-profile guests have only made me more confident. I am sure of my win by over 1 lakh votes," she said. In eight hours, she visited 40-odd booths-Dhubulia to Palashipara and Chapra to Nakashipara-checking poll percentage and holding meetings with party workers. "Nothing can stop me from getting back my parliament seat. I can't wait for that day," said Moitra, in an interview with ET, leaving around 4.30pm.

Moitra's confidence apparently "puzzled" Roy. "I am extremely puzzled. How can Moitra claim she is winning by 1 lakh votes if she didn't rig polls?" said Roy, in an interview with The Hindu, who is a descendant of Raja Krishna Chandra Roy.

Mrs Roy alleged, “Trinamool Congress (TMC) supporters beat up her party workers at Bangaljhi and Daspara areas in Chapra and blocked the voters from casting their franchises at several areas in Chapra”. Mrs Roy also said in an interview with the Statesman, “TMC tried to obstruct the voters from franchising their rights, but they failed to fulfil their plans. After hearing the torture, I went to Chapra and stayed beside my party workers. I hope people have voted in favour of me and I will win the poll.”

Following a complaint of cops beating up a BJP worker, Roy barged into the Krishnagar PS. Then, she travelled 40 km to Chapra to stand by two BJP workers, assaulted by alleged TMC men, and staged a sit-in at the Chapra PS. She then drove 50 km to Palashipara and Nakashipara, where she camped outside the Nakashipara PS well after polling ended, demanding cop protection for voters. "Politics is a dirty game but I am here to stay," said Roy in an interview with the Economic Times.

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