How her Dream Project took Shape

A determined woman's dedication results in a 4-acre golf course in Bengaluru.


Indumati Bhaskar's dream project

Siddhi Jojare

Bengaluru: While most people had nothing much to do other than balance their work and family during the pandemic, Indumati Bhaskar was struggling to establish a golf course. With her undying passion for golf and her son being the greatest source of inspiration, she was able to get a 20-acre bare ground all by herself. This piece of land was barren with hardly any water supply and looked eerie. “I did not sit quietly for two years in a row. Every single day I was in search of that land which could hold my dreams,” said Indumati. When the world was struggling to cope with successive lockdowns and the changing face of the pandemic, she was working on her dream project.

The primary reason why she decided to come up with a golf course was her son’s great interest in this game right from his childhood. But she couldn’t find a place to match his dedication.

Ms. Bhaskar’s journey into golf has been rather unusual. Right from the thought, to finding a suitable place and employees, till the enrolment of students in her academy, it was a long and tedious journey of five years for her. Ms. Indumati Bhaskar now runs a full-fledged golf course/academy, ‘To The Tee’ in Chapparkallu, Bengaluru.

“I always wanted to do something legitimate for all the golfers around and most importantly for my son,” she said. “With all the hardships I have been through, it is all worth it now. I am happy.”

Describing her struggle to the team of NSoJ correspondents, she also spoke about her being the Global Representative of India for David Leadbetter Golf Academy, United States. “We have a tie-up with them and, as a result, our coaches are fully informed on advanced equipment and my children are familiar with up-to-date techniques,” Ms. Bhaskar said.

Stationary balls on ground

The layout of the course

“I wanted to keep every inch organic and natural. So, we have decorated it with handpicked flowers, grass and stones. A herbal garden and microgreens, are being readied,” said Ms. Bhaskar.

This game in itself is a socially distant one and therefore did not face much trouble on account of COVID-19. “Children here have simply started to fill their hearts with joy by playing for long hours, as their school education has turned online. This game is oriented towards individuality whereas other games are about team spirit,” she adds.

The game starts with the practice of tracking the ball. And that is how proximity with the ball, the grass and the ground begins. “Here we do not compete with anybody, rather we compete with nature,” says Ms. Bhaskar. “In cricket, bowlers spin the ball. Likewise, in golf, we can swing the ball to whichever side we want and that calls for mastery over techniques,” said Raheem, a coach at the Academy. “It looks very easy, but to play it, you need to know how to move your body in certain angles. This game involves physics to a large extent,” he said.

Indumati Baskar- owner of the golf course.

There are different sections of grass in different areas of the field. We can walk with our shoes on only in certain paths and not everywhere. Grass needs to be taken care of every morning and evening. It needs sand-filling frequently. Most importantly, the balls used in the game should be washed after each shot and replaced after every three months. Specific workers are engaged in this delicate process. Their responsibility is right from collecting the balls into the basket to washing and sanitizing them for the next shot.

“My son drew the layout for the course; after all, who knows better than a player?” said Ms. Bhaskar.

This journey of Ms. Indumati Bhaskar has indeed brought out the spirit of a mother blended with compassion. It is her tireless mind and body which has pushed her to dream where she is now.

All pictures were taken by Siddhi Jojare (PG '22).

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