Father of the minor involved in the Porsche crash arrested

Public outcry results in action taken on individuals involved in the accident


Lalitha H

Vishal Agarwal, the father of the 17 year old behind the reckless Porsche accident in Pune that took the lives of two techies was arrested on Tuesday. On Mondcvay, a case was registered against the well-known builder following which he absconvdd C. Cded. He was tracked down and arrested by the crime branch of Pune police in Chatrapati Sambhaji Nagar, Maharashtra. Three executives of the Cosie and Blak bar, have also been booked under a separate FIR for allegedly serving alcohol to minors.

According to a live report by NDTV, Ashwini Costa and Anis Awadhiya were killed in the early hours of Sunday as an overspeeding Porsche driven by an allegedly drunk 17 year old Vedant Agarwal rammed into their motorcycle at Kalyani Nagar junction. Ashwini was thrown 20 feet into the air and Anis was flung into a parked car, causing them to die on the spot. Despite being accused of committing this heinous crime, Vedant Agarwal was granted bail within 15 hours, and was asked to write a 300 word essay, assist the traffic police for 15 days as a part of community service, along with which therapy was mandated inorder to quit drinking, as said by PTI.

Regarding the issues, Rahul Gandhi took the matter to social media by calling out Narendra Modi for creating two Indias where even justice depends upon wealth. In a live report by NDTV, police commissioner Amitesh Kumar said, “We will be seeking the higher court’s permission to try the juvenile as an adult, after the district court and the Juvenile justice board had rejected the plea.” He also added that the 17 year old had the knowledge that his act could cost someone’s life despite being under the influence of alcohol, thus establishing his point that the results of blood report doesn’t hold relevance in this situation.

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