Could minimalism bring you joy?

Minimalism is not about having less, it is about making room for what matters


Sreemayi S.R.

People are in the constant search for happiness. Life in this century has taken a toll on everybody. Learning to juggle work, family, social life, education, mental health really sounds like being a ringmaster. While always having something running in the back of your mind, there is a constant and never ending search for happiness.

Minimalism in the 21st century

A term and practise that is recently gaining popularity is minimalism.

Living only with the essentials and focusing on your goals.

Minimalism values experiences over material.

The aim of minimalism is to bring you freedom from having attachment to any material. It states that we assign too much value and importance to the material possessions in our daily life and those things bar us from experiencing real freedom.

The new worthwhile experiences that come in your life, other than the usual things that you experience what you always wanted to be the way that minimalism makes you happy.

Minimalism takes out what is unnecessary and allows you to make the choices you make more consciously and deliberately. A purpose-driven life.

How does it lead to happiness?

The moment we begin to think of living with only the essentials, or a simpler life, we live with intention.

The lesser you have, the lesser you worry. When things get simpler, you declutter.

The surroundings you are present in also plays a key role throughout life and has a significant impact on your mood.

When you are in a neater, more organised space, you see clearer. This is mentally less exhausting.

Stable finances lead to a healthier state of mind. Reduced spending and increased saving prompts you to spend on the things that matter.

Living an experience rich life is exactly what we strive for. While experience takes on a notion of glamour through expensive travel, exotic destinations, gourmet food, we fail to realise, life is in the little things. It’s in the people you meet, the stories you turn into, the experiences that make you, who you are.

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