Story telling and creativity

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Rajesh’s work-life has been a tapestry of experiences. He’s been a sales and delivery man at a department store during college, he sold yellow pages to myriad businesses, worked as an artist’s apprentice - sculpting, painting, filing, scrubbing, and cleaning, not necessarily in that order.

For over 12 years he cut his teeth channel surfing, selling space on television networks - Zee, Discovery, and MTV. He even turned a few new leaves at The India Today Group and helped exporters ship smarter with FedEx.

They were lessons, all those years. Lessons in sales & marketing, innovation, creativity, strategy, and lessons in learning itself.

All of which has led him to Veeville, in the company of brilliant, happy, passionate folks determined to change the world.

His role in Veeville is to drive the creative and content development team. Over the years he has helped create super cool content, innumerable communication campaigns, revolutionary experiential learning workshops, employee engagement, and customer acquisition programs for organizations across a multitude of industries.

He also plays a key role in driving the robust technology vertical —VeevilleAI that aims to help organizations and Governments solve some of the world’s biggest and most interesting problems with Artificial Intelligence. The areas of focus include Agriculture, Industrial Application, and Education. VeevilleAI’s repertoire of AI products includes solutions such as recommendation systems, natural language understanding, predictive industrial maintenance solutions, vision-based systems, and more.

He fronts the business development effort that brings home the bread and is pretty fired up about the cheese and wine that has begun to follow.

His more than keen interests include films, cartooning, painting, wax sculpting, theatre, music, all kinds of nice-smelling books, cold beer, warm conversations... All of which seemed to contribute to the outstanding work Veeville is creating, as a team.