Pratiba Raman: Ground reporting, breaking news and adapting to digital technology

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After graduating in Mass Communication from COMMITS in Bengaluru, Pratiba Raman was recruited as a correspondent by the Times of India to report news and present views. In a span of 13 years, her love for the job and her passion for storytelling helped her walk through the halls of print, broadcast and digital (online) media.

Having worked with NDTV and India Today and gaining substantial exposure to responsible journalism, she completed her recent stint with Asianet News Media and Entertainment Pvt Ltd, where she helped build the editorial strategy, creating and cultivating content for two national websites.

After stepping down as the editorial head of Asianet News Media and Entertainment Pvt Ltd in June, she forayed into the world of freelance, where she is constantly engaged with India Today and Amazon Prime, handling research and delivery of various creative assets involving a crime series.

Her motto is to charge youngsters with cultivating an interest in news and awareness of important issues that impact lives.