Abhijit Sudhakar: Keep it Short

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Abhijit Sudhakar is an engineer by degree. He started his journey as a filmmaker by interning under Prakash Belwadi, a national award-winning director, on a TV series. He then joined Nirvana films as an intern and soon moved to the role of a post-production supervisor, before becoming the director’s assistant to Prakash Varma. Some notable campaigns he worked on include the Vodafone pug commercials, Incredible India and the Zoozoos.

His short films have won several accolades at various short film festivals in India. He has directed more than 100 ads for brands such as Cadburys, Bluestar, Perfetti, Ambipur, Axe, Brittannia, Grofers, Idea, Flipkart etc.

He currently co-owns the production house ZigZag Films, with Anupama Ahluwalia.

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