Nidhi Razdan: Government Accountability and the Pandemic (Closed Door)

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Nidhi Razdan is an Indian journalist and a television personality. She is the executive editor of NDTV and is the primary anchor of NDTV 24x7 news show Left, Right & Centre. She has reported on a wide range of key political, economic, and social stories from the Indian subcontinent, covering Indian politics and foreign affairs closely, including the India-US nuclear deal, general elections, several state elections, all major news developments and elections in Jammu and Kashmir, the earthquakes in Gujarat in 2001 and Kashmir in 2005.

She has made documentaries from Pakistan-administered Kashmir, Tibet and the United Kingdom after the train bombings. She has also written a book titled Left, Right and Centre: The Idea of India. Razdan was awarded the Ramnath Goenka for excellence in Journalism for reporting from Jammu and Kashmir and North-East India. She has also received the Jammu and Kashmir State government award for her excellence in journalism.

NDTV won the IPI award for Excellence in Journalism, 2019, for its coverage of the rape and murder of a young girl in Kathua and the aftermath. The reporting was anchored by Nidhi Razdan.