Supreme Court Observer Workshop by Centre for Law & Policy Research (CLPR)

Supreme Court Observer (https://www.scobserver.in/) is a legal journalism platform that reports, analyses and makes sense of the work of the Supreme Court. It aims to build a non-partisan database of the Supreme Court’s contribution to our everyday lives, through daily reporting on selected cases.

This interactive and highly informative workshop will:
Introduce students to the Supreme Court and its role in preserving democracy
Orient students on how to systematically engage with Supreme Court cases
Share best practices in legal journalism, and discuss the challenges of reporting on the Court
Expose students to the key processes and materials related to a Supreme Court case
Demonstrate how an understanding of the Supreme Court's work is crucial for journalism in India

About the facilitator

Gauri Kashyap is the Associate Managing Editor at the Supreme Court Observer. She graduated with a B.A. (Hons.) LL.B from School of Law, Christ University in 2019. She completed her LL.M in Intellectual Property at Bournemouth University in 2020. She has been with SCO since April 20221.

Gauri is interested in law and economics. She enjoys learning and writing about the complex ways in which they interact.