Masterclass on Solidarity Journalism by Dr Anita Varma

"Says Who?": Solidarity Reporting on Social Injustice

Celebrated journalism has regularly enacted solidarity against social injustice. Join us for a reporting workshop in which Dr Anita Varma (Solidarity Journalism Initiative lead) will explain what solidarity means and why it matters when reporting on social injustice. Dr Varma will also share examples of local news stories that illustrate how solidarity practices can help prevent journalism from becoming a vehicle for amplifying official misinformation. Then, to transition into Q&A, we’ll start with a question that may already be on your minds: "Is that really journalism, or are you talking about advocacy?"

About the facilitator

Dr Anita Varma leads the Solidarity Journalism Initiative (https://mediaengagement.org/solidarity-journalism/) and teaches journalism ethics at the University of Texas at Austin. Her research focuses on the social justice implications of how journalists represent marginalized communities. She serves on the board of the Society for Professional Journalists (Northern California Chapter) and is the vice-chair of the Media Ethics Division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC). Dr Varma completed her PhD in 2018 at Stanford University. After her PhD, she spent three years working with journalists through the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics (Santa Clara University). She believes journalism can help change the world.