Public Policy Immersion Bootcamp - Bangalore Political Action Committee (B.PAC)

Education in Indian public policy is broadly an interdisciplinary program that has developed alongside a deepening relationship between the state, markets, and civil society. As a result of this deepening partnership, students of public policy are found working in political, corporate, government, and grassroots organizations. Through this bootcamp, we aim to build a clear sense of practice for the students in introduction to Public Policy. The bootcamp expects to lay the groundwork for them to grow powerful analytical skills along with an ‘ear to the ground’ instinct to become inspired change-makers.

About the facilitator: Sachin Tantry

Sachin Tantry is a media and political consultant and trainer with over 17 years of experience spanning across Radio, Films, Public Relations, Academia, Communication management and Politics. He is currently working as a Manager - Communication with Bangalore Political Action Committee (B.PAC).

He is a mentor to Start ups and also provides consultancy to Startups on media, content and communication strategy. He is also a strategist to politicians and political parties. He is setting up Media Incubation Center to support entrepreneurs who want to work in media space.