Public Policy Immersion Bootcamp - Bangalore Political Action Committee (B.PAC)

Education in Indian public policy is broadly an interdisciplinary program that has developed alongside a deepening relationship between the state, markets, and civil society. As a result of this deepening partnership, students of public policy are found working in political, corporate, government, and grassroots organizations. Through this bootcamp, we aim to build a clear sense of practice for the students in an introduction to Public Policy. The bootcamp expects to lay the groundwork for them to grow powerful analytical skills along with an ‘ear to the ground’ instinct to become inspired change-makers.

About the facilitator: Harshitha Venkatesh

Harshitha is a Political Consultant with a PGP in Public Policy. Started her career in Social Work after completing Engineering in Biotechnology from BMS College of Engineering. Over the last 9 years, she has worked on Political Campaigns, Constituency management with a leading consulting firm.

She is currently working with Bangalore Political Action Committee, a non-partisan, apolitical NGO for the past 5 years as Political Engagements Lead working on the B.ENGAGED, participatory democracy program. She works on Student engagement, Elected Representative engagement and is passionate about working on governance & political leadership development.

She’s an alumna of the United States State Department - Professional Fellows Program in Governance & Society.