Masterclass on Advanced Film-making Skills - Listen Courageously

Listen Courageously is a workshop series designed to make participants more aware of their listening blocks and better able to engage in heart-centered conversations that lead to understanding. The workshops were created following the success of Juliana Tafur's award-winning documentary "List(e)n", which brings together three sets of individuals with opposing viewpoints across three hot-button issues, to listen to each other, connect at a human level and transcend their differences. The film's lessons, as well as the filmmaker's 4-year listening journey, are all unpacked during the sessions, in a compelling program with valuable takeaways on how to engage in positive dialogue across differences.

Juliana Tafur’s films use psychology as a means to understand those around us, drawing on her own upbringing by two psychologists who used to run corporate training programs. She has been on a listening journey for the past four years – first as she produced/directed List(e)n, later as she created the Listen Courageously movement. She was selected as a 2021-2022 Obama Foundation Scholar at Columbia University, and has been expanding her work with Listen Courageously during her time in the program. She serves on the board of directors of the International Listening Association.