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1. PRESS CONFERENCE. lawyers. JOURNALISTS. YOU. TOPIC: are democracies undermined by DIGITAL NEWS MEDIA?
2. This event requires teams (up to 4 members) to participate in a press conference, which will be held after a panel discussion with top lawyers and journalists.
3. Contestants will need to attend the panel discussion, at the end of which the press officer will open the press conference, and will require one representative from each team (school or college), to ask a relevant question to any panel member.
4. The objective of the exercise is to generate a comprehensive 300-word news report with no more than three pictures.
5. Participants are allowed to use smartphones or cameras to capture images, and audio recorders to generate their articles.
6. Participants will be judged by a panel based on presentation, and nature of questioning, among other criteria.

Submission: The news report must be submitted to slant@nsoj.in by 2:00 PM on the day of the event. Participants must use their own equipment, including laptops.