Shruti Vidyasagar

Simon- Nsoj

Shruti Vidyasagar

Employment Law, Gender Rights

Shruti is a lawyer and editor based in Bengaluru. She has a master’s degree in law (BCL) from the University of Oxford. Shruti has edited several reports published under the Rule of Law Project, which studies the problem of court delays and case pendency in India from and uses interdisciplinary approaches to evaluate judicial performance and administration of justice. Shruti has a varied legal practice, advising on matters ranging from contract and employment law, to gender rights and prevention of workplace sexual harassment. She also works with several leading presses and academics, editing articles, books and journals on law, society, development, business, and management. She is the Consulting Editor at DAKSH Society, a Bengaluru-based civil society organisation working at the intersection of public policy, data science, and operations research.