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1. The time limit for the podcast is 5 minutes including the introduction.
2. Podcasts can also be made by two people.
3. Royalty-free background sounds can be used (if necessary). Necessary credits are to be given.
4. No plagiarism or profanity will be entertained.
5. A panel of judges will evaluate the podcast entries.
6. The winning podcasts will be broadcast on the NSoJ Podcast page.

Themes for the podcast competition:
News and politics
Unspoken Indian history
Life style
Life sciences
Mental health
GSM- gender and Sexual Minorities
Vocal for local
Entertainment (movies, OTT, social media)

Last date for registrations and submissions: April 30, 2022

Submission: The participants are to submit an unlisted audio link hosted on platforms like SoundCloud/Spotify along with the topic and the synopsis of the podcast.